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Terms of Use


1- The parties to this contract are 360 Company company and the user who accepts these terms of use. These terms of use entered into force as a result of the mutual agreement of both parties.


2- In order to be a party to this contract, the user must be a person who has the ability to understand what he/she has read and has the capacity to act.


3- The Company; As a service and service provider, it refers to the company ‘’360 Company’’.


Application; It refers to the virtual platform where the products and services created by 360 Company company can be used on all devices, phones and computers.


Account; It means the account created by the users for the use of the services offered under the terms.


User; It refers to users who agree to use the applications offered by 360 Company on online platforms within the framework of these terms of use and privacy policy.


Services; It refers to all of the services provided by 360 Company within the scope and content of the application.


System Access Instruments; Refers to the User's account, the management page, and the materials that provide access to the application, such as username, password, code, password, which are only available to the User.


Communication channels; It refers to all communication methods such as instant notification on the platform, e-mail, telephone, sms, mms, etc.


Notification E-mail Address; It means the email address that users use up-to-date and validly to receive emails sent by 360 Company.


Management page; For the performance and continuity of the service provided by 360 Company, it refers to the special page where the jobs and transactions related to the users are conducted.


User Data; It means all data required for the service provided or shared by users within the scope of the application.


Period; It refers to the duration of use of the services provided by 360 Company, determined by the users.

Reasonable Use; It refers to the use-value of the services provided by 360 Company, based on the objective usage criteria of the users.


Topic and Scope


4- The subject of this contract is to define the terms of use of all services and products to be offered by the company and to inform the users that they must provide usage within the framework of these conditions.


5- By accepting these conditions, the User undertakes that all kinds of services and applications offered by the company will be used within the specified conditions.


6- All damages that will occur in case of violation of these conditions by the user are the responsibility of the user, and the company will not be responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of not fulfilling these terms of use.




7- These terms of use and privacy policy come become valid with the consent of the user in an electronic platform.


8- These terms of use will remain in effect from the moment the User becomes a member of the Application and will continue to have terms and consequences between the parties. The user's non-active use of the application does not terminate the contract, the contract expires if all data and the application of the user are deleted.


9- In the event that the period determined for user membership expires, the membership will be automatically renewed and continue to have provisions and results unless the user cancels it.


Data Protection and Processing


10- The user gives explicit consent to the processing and storage of their personal data by the company, on the platforms that the company provides services at national and international. Users give consent to all activities and shares carried out with the aim of improving business and services. The collected data can be used for the perfect provision, improvement, and protection of the service provided.


11- Users can request the deletion of their data or find out which data has been processed by the company.


12- In the protection and processing of data, the company takes the necessary measures within the framework of legal legislation and regulations. Data related matters and transactions are subject to the legal regulations of the countries where the company headquarters and offices are located.


3rd Party Data Collection


13- We can cooperate and share data with analytics companies and advertising companies in order to learn how our services are used, to produce different alternatives, and to keep customer satisfaction at a high level. These agencies will be able to access users' limited data.


14- While using our applications, the sites you enter when you click on another application or website link may collect your data. The terms of use and privacy policies of the company are not valid on these sites.


Communication Channels and Permission


15- The company can send users free e-mails, share newsletters, and notify the changes made to the applications, for a periodic or indefinite period. When necessary, the company will able to notifications to its users regarding the application and other additional services they use. The user gives consent to the notifications made via e-mail, SMS, MMS, and application.


16- The user has the right to withdraw this consent. The company will not be responsible if users who do not accept notifications are not informed of the changes and updates. Users who want not to be notified regarding the mentioned matters by the company must inform the company by e-mail.


Intellectual Property Right


17- The company pays high attention to copyright protection. Users using the application are prohibited from using and copying Safe VPN design, visuals, and materials, and from engaging in any activities that evoke Safe VPN.



Responsibility and Commitment


18- While the User is benefiting from the products or services in the application while performing any transaction related to the product or services, Users will act in accordance with all the terms and conditions contained in these terms of use and all applicable legislation of Users country's law, and the User has to agree read, understood and approved all terms and rules specified in this terms of use.



19- The company can make changes and updates on the application when it deems necessary. It can completely remove an existing feature or add a new feature. The user has allowed all these changes


20- The user is solely responsible for all hardware, by-products, internet access fees, etc. Required to access the application.


User Rights and Obligations

21- The user must hide, protect, and secure system access instruments. This information should not be shared with third parties or used on any platform. This personal information means the security information that the user will need while using the application. (Password, username, backup password, security question, etc.)


22- The User always has the right to change and update the system access instruments and communication channels. (Password, e-mail, telephone, etc.). These updates will be made through the application, and although it is not possible through the application, they can send their requests through their registered mail account to the company.


23- The right to use the System Access instruments belongs exclusively to the User. The user will not disclose this information to third parties. The User is entirely responsible for the results of the use of the System Access instruments by a third party. 360 Company is not obliged to identify the persons who make such illegal access. The User accepts, declares, and undertakes that User is responsible for the use of this information by a third party and its consequences, without prejudice to the above-mentioned provisions, and that the transactions made by using this information are binding on User'. If the User finds out that User' password has been obtained by others, the User is obliged to inform the company immediately.


24- The User must ensure the security of the devices on which the User accesses the application. The company will not be responsible for any damages caused by such negligence in the event that personal access information is lost or becomes unusable due to a virus on its own device.


25- The user is responsible for the activation of the communication instruments (E-mail, phone, etc.) defined while using the application. The User should keep the communication instruments up to date. The company will not be responsible for any damages caused by the user losing access to these communication instruments or not keeping them updated.


26- While using the application, the user is obliged to use it in accordance with the application features. Otherwise, the company will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from the improper use of the application.


27- When using the application, the user should use it in accordance with objective usage criteria. Objective usage criteria express the maximum limit a person can use under normal conditions. The user is responsible for using the application according to the criteria. Otherwise, the company has the right to disconnect the user from the application by giving prior notice or, if necessary, without giving any notice. The company will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from this.


28- While the User is using the application, any activity that may harm the application should be avoided. In case of existence and detection of such situations, The company has the right to recourse the damage from the User. In addition, the company can cancel the user's access to the application.


29- The User declares and undertakes that all the information stated while start using the application is correct and lawful. 360 Company company does not have any responsibility to investigate the accuracy and legality of this information and will not be liable for any damages that may arise if the information provided is incorrect and unlawful.


30- The legal and criminal responsibility of all kinds of transactions made by the users within the application belongs to them. Users are obliged to comply with the regulations by the domestic law rules of their countries and international law rules and legislation.


31- The company is not responsible for the content published by third parties in the Application and on the websites linked through the Application (Advertisement etc.)


32- The commitment to the accuracy and legality of the information, content, visual, and audio images provided and published by any third party is entirely the responsibility of those who perform these actions. The company does not undertake or guarantee the security, accuracy, and legality of services and content provided by third parties.

360 Company’ Rights and Limitation of Liability

33- The company has the right to share information and documents related to User information, duly requested by national and international competent authorities. The company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur as a result of these shares.


34- The company has the right to unilaterally change and update the products, services, and contents offered in the application at any time. Again, the company has the right to restrict access to the application for a certain period of time, with or without notice, within the scope of necessary regulations and renewals. The company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from this update and change.


35- The company will not be liable in case of restriction or failure of access to the application due to force majeure (earthquake, fire, natural disaster, terrorism, embargo, military or civil riots, internet and server access problems), external attacks or unpredictable problems against the application.


36- The company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages to the user in the event that the access of an application belonging to The Company in any country is restricted or completely cut by the state authority.



37- The company can use the User information for User security, fulfillment of its own obligations, some statistical evaluations and internal audits, or as demographic information for advertisement and promotion, classifying and keeping them on a database.


38- The company reserves the right to terminate the relationship of the user with the application with or without prior notice, if it detects uses that are not in compliance with the law and legal regulations. The company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur as a result of this interruption.


39- In cases where the application is restricted by the state authority as a result of the use of the Safe VPN application against the law and the legal regulations of the country where User is in located, The Company reserves the right to recourse and compensate for the damage from the User.


40- As a result of mutual agreement with the user, The Company has limited the liability amount to "5" (five) USD for damages that may occur, except for all cases not mentioned in the contract. This amount includes Premium user losses only and represents the maximum amount payable based on Premium charges.

Violation of Terms of Use

41- The user is obliged to comply with the specified terms of use. In case of violation of these conditions, the company reserves the right to detect and investigate these violations.


42- If The Company is directly aware of the fact that a crime has been committed, or based on a denunciation, The Company can send information and cooperate with all relevant legal authorities.


43- The company reserves the right to apply one of the following methods in case of violation of all or a part of the conditions and inappropriate behavior by the user;


a. Sending a notify to the user by any communication instruments

b. Deleting criminal or infringing content which uploaded into the application

c. Limiting application use or terminating membership completely

d. Cooperating with legal authorities

e. All other works and transactions that the company deems appropriate to prevent and terminate the breach in question


44- In the event that the membership is terminated by the company as a result of violations of the conditions or improper behavior by the user, the company will not be liable for any damages caused by the deletion of the user's data, and no refund will be made to the user.


Contract Amendments and Interpretation of the contract in Favor of the Company


45- The company has the right to update and change these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy all or any provision by unilaterally announcing it on the application.


46- If any of the provisions in these terms of use are invalid, all other provisions of the contract will continue to be valid. The invalid item will be interpreted in favor of the Company and will take effect in its new form.



Competent Court and Dispute Resolution


47- In case of disputes between the parties of this contract, other than the matters specified in the terms of use, the parties will primarily seek negotiations and solutions within the framework of good faith rules.


48- For any problem or dispute, if the notification sent by one of the parties via e-mail is not answered within 30 working days or the problem is not resolved within 60 working days, the next article provision will be applied.


49- In the implementation and interpretation of this contract, the legal rules of the country where the headquarters of 360 Company company or any of its branches are present will be applied, and the competent courts and enforcement offices will be the competent authorities of those countries.




50- For all your questions, comments and suggestions regarding the terms of use, you can contact us directly via, e-mail address.

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